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  • Destroying the Fat "Gene"

    Destroying the Fat “Gene”!

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    It NEVER gets easier; you just get stronger!

    I dropped 13% body fat in a few short months!

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At D180fitness, we are certified fitness professionals with a passion to empower YOU to reach weight loss, peak performance, and wellness goals through a proven process of exercise and nutrition. Our intention is YOUR transformation.

Chest Day- Weights

Weights Chest

We’re going to add a little extra to your D180 Fitness experience.  For those of you looking to pack on a little bit more muscle you don’t want to miss the videos this week!

No Tapping Out

Adv-Full Body

It’s ok to tap out for a second, maybe even a rep…but never tap out for the count!  Crawl across the Finish Fine with nothing left in the tank!

Knee Strengthening 101

I’ve had knee issues since high school but fortunately I’ve never had to have surgery. However I have had to see the inside of too many physical therapy offices. During that time I’ve been able to gain a lot of knowledge in regards to why knees hurt and what can be done to alleviate the […]

Practice What you Preach

Advanced- Full Body

It’s real important as a trainer for me not only to look the part but to act out the part. I do my best to make sure that each of these videos, workouts, and diets I recommend to others I’m more than capable of doing them myself. It’s a blessing to meet someone who is […]


Advanced- Full Body

One of my favorite professors Dr. J. Alfred Smith used to say, “you don’t measure someone based on where they are but the depths from which they have come.” Some people begin exercising for aesthetics. Attempting to get beach body ready, get a 6 pack and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But some people […]

Stick of Dynamite

Advanced- Full Body

“Look, you’ve come to train…let’s train! Your body is like a piece of dynamite. You can tap it with a pencil all day, but you’ll never make it explode. You hit once with a hammer: Bang! Get serious. Do 40 hard minutes, not an hour and half of nonsense. It’s so much more rewarding.” Jason […]

Success Isn’t Given. It’s Earned.

Advanced- Full Body

Hundreds of people have come through our gym in Jackson and the ones that are successful all have one thing in common. They’re not afraid of a little hard work. There’s a common misconception that losing weight, getting in shape is easy. Hate to bust your bubble but it’s not. It takes hard work, dedication, […]

Get comfortable with being Uncomfortable

Advanced- Full Body

I need you to realize that each day, each rep, each set you get a little stronger. This journey called fitness; matter of fact, this journey called life never gets easier…You just get stronger. Don’t run from the discomfort run towards it because one day you’ll shock yourself and everybody around you with just how […]

Have your crutches on standby…LEG DAY!!!

Advanced and Beginner Legs

Everybody wants a butt to die for and legs of envy but not everybody wants to put the work in. We know that’s not you so we made sure to bring it today! Whatever your best is…Bring It!

3 Tips to Successfully Achieving your Fitness Resolution!

1. Time Management 2. Accountability 3. Diversity

The Greatest Wealth is Health!

Advanced and Beginner Full Body

One of the best tips to successfully sticking to your health goals is having a good time while you do it! Find a friend or two that’ll not only hold you accountable but will make it a fun and enjoyable experience! We’ve got plenty here at D180!

Summer Bodies are Made in the Winter

Advanced and Beginner Full Body

I’m not a cold natured person by any means so each winter I have to fight the tendency to bundle up and stay inside away from the elements and even the gym in hopes of staying warm. Well this year is a little different. We’ve decided at the D to fight the urge to succumb […]

Time to Turn Up!

Advanced- Full Body

Every once in a while you have to challenge yourself. Push yourself past your limitations just to remind you, your body, and all the onlookers just how strong you truly are. Today was one of those days! #TurnUP #D180Style #BodyByTheD

Killer Cardio

Advanced- Full Body

This is the perfect workout for those post Labor Day calories. If you went hard at the dinner table last night or this weekend no worries at all we’re here to get you right back on track. Remember Go Hard, and whatever your best looks like…GIVE IT!

It’s O.K. To Fail. It’s evidence that you’re trying!

Beginner- Full Body

We constantly tell people at the D that it’s o.k. to tap out for a second but not for the count and that’s the mindset we hope all of you adopt. Each moment you log in make up in your mind that no matter how hard, how rough, how intense a session is you’ll get […]

6 Pack Factory

Advanced- Full Body

Today we had another first timer joining us! I love having visitors on set because they bring a new found energy to the workouts. Keyshauna did a great job her first time out and Antonio was equally impressive! Hope ya’ll enjoy!

Cut Up Like Diamonds


Everybody want’s a 6 pack but only a few are willing to put in the work to a rock hard core. We can’t preach enough diet diet diet…but here’s a few moves to help you out in the mean time! Let’s get it started right! #GoHardorGo2AnotherGym

It only counts when you start to feel it!

Beginner- Full Body

Today Nikita and Brenda held it down with an excellent workout routine. Brenda is new to the screen but not new to exercising. She has a never say quit attitude that I hope everyone adopts.

Tired of Starting Over? Stop Quitting.

Beginner- Full Body

During my personal training tenure I’ve been able to judge whether someone will be successful in pursuing their goals through a couple of conversations. You learn about someone’s work ethic, drive, and desire to succeed. Those who tend to be more successful than others realize this is a marathon and not a sprint. Stay Marathon […]

Doing The Butt!

Advanced- Glutes

There’s a common misconception that glute exercises are strictly for women and you couldn’t be more wrong. As an ex athlete glutes were one of the most important muscle groups I focused on. They gave me explosiveness and aided in my jumping ability. So fellas get glute exercises only being for women out of your […]